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At Mimansa, We provide customised training solutions to empower our clients with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to handle various aspects of loss prevention. Classroom training mixed with site tours and practical hands-on experience enhance the client learning process.

Sprinkler Design and Installation

This training focuses on selection, design and installation of fire sprinkler systems and use of sprinklers. Included are modules that help selecting the correct occupancy/hazard classification, acceptable water supplies, types of sprinklers, sprinkler coverage and spacing requirements as well as installation requirements for piping, hangers, bracing, fire department connections, and valves. Training is customized for client needs and addresses NFPA and/or FM Global standards.

Inspection, Maintenance and Testing of Fire Protection Equipment

Fire protection equipment inspections, maintenance and testing is required to ensure that the equipment is performing as designed. This training provides clients with practical ways to inspect and test their fire protection equipment in line with Internationally acceptable procedures.

Flammable Liquid Handling and Storage

Flammable liquids are handled in almost all industries in the form of hydraulic oil, lubrication oil or solvents. Flammableliquids pose a high risk as they ignite easily, spread and burn with high heat release rate.Customised learning solutions help you understand the properties of flammable liquids and identify thehazards to your facility. This training also focuses on safe handling and usage practices.

Customised Training Solutions

We work with clients to identify and prioritise risk and provides customised solutions for managing risk.

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