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Corporate Risk Management Standards

Mimansa personnel with extensive experience in commissioning, operations, risk management and insurance can assist an organization to develop and document corporate risk management and loss prevention guidelines. Consistency across multiple facilities can be ensured with the use of corporate standards.

Operational Risk

Detailed operational property risk assessment and business interruption evaluation entails evaluation of construction, occupancy specific risks (such as storage, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, chemical process risks etc.), fire and explosion protection systems, natural hazards (such as earthquake, wind, snow, flood etc.) as well as human element programs that could affect property loss prevention and business continuity.

Project Management

Retrofit solutions for physical risk improvement can be complex and expensive. It is best to build-in such systems during the design phase of any greenfield or brownfield projects. Mimansa personnel have project experience to assist in identifying possible property risks from the very onset of a project and provide practical and cost effective solutions to ensure that the facility is designed and built to HPR standards.


Mimansa offers design specifications, oversees and coordinates the design with different package owners, oversees installation as well as assists in the commissioning of loss prevention equipment.

Fire Protection Design 

Modern automatic fire protection systems are designed to fight a fire at a facility without any human intervention. These systems can control a fire in its early stages and reduce injuries and loss of life as well as restrict property damage. An appropriately designed and installed fire protection system ensures business continuity and significantly impacts downtime. These systems need to be well- designed, installed and maintained to be effective.

Mimansa’s experienced professionals provide this support and can also coordinate with third party fire protection designers to ensure that international standards and/or the insurers’ requirements are met.


Risk Management at construction project sites prevents or reduces damage to property and personnel, minimizes construction interruptions and ensures timely completion of facilities. Risk management supervision of construction projects is recommended by CAR/EAR insurance providers who carry Delayed Start-Up (DSU) or Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP) policies.

Mimansa provides expert consultation on property protection and prevention of business interruption due to mishaps and delays. With our expertise, we make evaluations and recommend possible solutions.

Natural Hazards

Natural hazard mitigation is any action taken before, during or after a natural disaster or emergency that helps to reduce long-term business consequences due to the risk to property. NatHaz studies are an essential element of emergency management, along with preparedness, response and recovery. A successful NatHaz plan will reduce the impact of a natural hazard and increase business resilience.

Mimansa helps clients to identify and understand such risks and develop and test adequate NatHaz Emergency Plans.

Business Interruption And Continuity Studies

Business Continuity is the capability of the organization to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident. Understanding the business impact of operational disruptions including the supply chain define the resilience of the business.

Mimansa can assist clients to evaluate the risks and test the robustness of business continuity plans. We have the experience to analyse, evaluate, quantify and formalise sustainable business continuity plans.

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